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Actions are the main element of creating content in the application. They are needed to indicate what the user did. Actions can be followed by commentary and geolocation, where they were committed.

"Actions" (or achievements) are marked by the employee who fulfilled them in accordance with his "role" in the company. He can also praise his colleague for the performed "action", indicating what qualities the colleague showed (several of which can be noted), which are also tied to the "role". This is what the company really wants from its employee (for example, study of specialized literature, close deals, make  calls, etc.).

If the "action" is commited, then all employees can "like" it or indicate what qualities the employee showed.

For example, for the seller the list of actions can be as follows: "met with the client", "made 100 calls", "closed the deal", "visited sales courses", "passed the quarterly report" and others.

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