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Why is it necessary?

BadgeYou is a social service for the registration of achievements, exchange of thanks and praise with elements of gamification and goal-setting.

Employees in the workplace and in life is not enough positive evaluations, praise and attention to their achievements. This makes the person to lose the need for recognition and status.

With the help of our app man gets a portrait of his personality on the basis of direct assessments of personal and professional integrity on the part of friends and colleagues, as well as the game environment for the competition on this topic.

Configure BadgeYou inside their company and try to:

1. cecinit their achievements in life and in the workplace and earn the praise of friends and colleagues;

2. to praise the achievements of friends and colleagues, indicating what personal and professional qualities they showed;

3. to collect assessments of your achievements in your personal and professional portrait;

4. to themed badges set of specific qualities;

5. compete on the number of badges and stars on individual qualities.

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